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Forearm protection

Knitted seamless sleeves. We offer a wide range of modern forearm protections coming in numerous models, lengths and made of different materials. Depending on the customer’s needs, they guarantee different levels of protection against mechanical and thermal hazards. All models may be used together with safety gloves, constituting their excellent complement and improving the level of safety at work. Our sleeves are designed and manufactured so that the user can carry out their professional activity while being protected against one or several threats occurring simultaneously. The ZRC and ZRKR models have an additional Velcro strap allowing for stepless regulation of the sleeve position on the forearm, what improves the freedom of movement and enables performance of work without discomfort reducing the efficiency. The para-amid Kevlar® yarn sleeves are characterised with improved heat resistance and do not cause skin irritations even in long-term use. The protective wear should be correctly adapted to the employee’s body dimensions and should be compliant with the OSH requirements for a given work station, therefore we offer the possibility to order sleeves of non-standard length.

Kevlar® is registered trademark of DuPont.
Dyneema® is registered trademark of DSM.
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